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About Z'gamok Construction LP

ZCLP provides the following core services: excavation and haulage, snow removal, custodial services, aggregate supply, and site preparation.

Below is a brief description of a few of our completed and ongoing projects:

  • Vale Totten Mine - Ore and Waste Rock Haulage. ZCLP performs ore and waste rock haulage services for Vale Canada at Totten Mine. We haul approximately 2000 to 2500 tons of ore per day, 24/7. ZCLP utilizes seventeen trucks to truck the ore from Totten Mine to Stobie Mine.  

  • Vale Totten Mine – Site & Custodial Services. ZCLP provides equipment and human resources for Vale at Totten Mine. We provide dust suppression, road maintenance, grading, winter road maintenance and snow removal. Custodial services are provided by ZCLP for the office complex and dry. 

  • Sagamok Anishnawbek – New School Site Preparation. ZCLP is currently completing site preparation for the new school located on Toulouse Bay Road

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  • Sagamok Anishnawbek – Road Construction. ZCLP worked as a subcontractor for Algoma Bio-Septic Technologies Inc. for the road construction project completed in August/September 2022.

  • Central Tailings – Erosion Control. ZCLP was the lead general contractor undertaking a contract for Vale at their Central Tailings Area in Copper Cliff.  The work involves hauling and placing slag on the banks of the tailings dams. 

  • Vale Nairn Generating Station – Road and Laydown Construction. ZCLP constructed a new access road and laydown area for the site. The larger reconstruction project of the Vale Nairn Generating Station Dam is started and we anticipate that ZCLP will play a significant role in the construction project. 

  • KGHM International – Victoria Mine Project. ZCLP provides custodial and site services work (road maintenance) at the Victoria Mine Project, as well as construction services.


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