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Services We Provide

We deliver a wide range of services to the natural resources, construction and infrastructure industries.

Civil Construction

  • Project management and estimating,

  • Environmental and civil engineering services,

  • Surveying and materials testing, 

  • Excavation and site preparation services,

  • Road construction.

Aggregate Supply

  • Supply of aggregate material to OPSS specification,

  • On-site crushing and screening services,

  • Material stacking, stockpiling.


  • Bulk material handling,

  • Haulage services,

  • Equipment floating,

  • Loading, unloading and material placement.

Site Services

  • Snow removal,

  • Dust suppression,

  • Road sweeping,

  • Tree clearing and grubbing,

  • Security and first aid services.



  • Commercial janitorial services,

  • Remote site janitorial services,

  • Cleaning supplies.

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